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Konserten med Fontaines D.C flyttas fram

Info: Konserten med Fontaines D.C flyttas fram till nästa år

Konserten med Fontaines D.C på Debaser i Stockholm 24 mars 2021 flyttas fram till 31 mars 2022. Håll kvar i din biljett – den är fortfarande giltig till det nya datumet. Kontakta respektive biljettåterförsäljare vi eventuella biljettfrågor.

Se ett uttalande från artisten nedan.

This postponement of these shows is obviously a huge disappointment for us as a band. Playing live shows is a real source of meaning for us and having to wait longer for that is a real shame. Saying this, we do hold everyone’s safety as a priority so we’re looking forward to seeing you all in a room when it’s allowed, and things are safer. As well as this, the five of us want to say to you as a fan, that we hope you’re keeping safe and sane through all of this.

Cheers, Fontaines DC